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Huron County Sheriff’s Office – Staff Directory

Todd Corbin –  sheriffcorbin@huroncountysheriff.org

Chief Deputy
Dave Ditz –  dditz@huroncountysheriff.org

Jail Administrator
Major Chuck Summers –  csummers@huroncountysheriff.org

Road Patrol Administrative Supervisor
Lt. Bill Duncan –  bduncan@huroncountysheriff.org

Road Patrol & Communications Supervisor
Lt. Ted Evans –  tevans@huroncountysheriff.org

Office Manager
Erin Bauer –  ebauer@huroncountysheriff.org

Chief Financial Officer
Shawn Newton –  snewton@huroncountysheriff.org

HCSO is proud to maintain compliance with the Ohio Collaborative. Ohio has been determinedly working to improve community-police relations and find solutions to the tensions and concerns between community members and the police that serve them. As part of maintaining compliance the Huron County Sheriff’s Office welcomes feedback from the citizens of Huron County, the public and partnering agencies we interact with. Positive and negative feedback may be made to any supervisor pursuant to HCSO policy. Formal complaints must be made in writing and signed pursuant to HCSO policy. The Sheriff’s Office strives to maintain transparency and to be responsive and accountable in mutual best interest of all.