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Huron County Sheriff’s Office – Sheriff’s Sale FAQ

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Can we see the house?
Sheriff Sales is sight unseen, except for the appraisal. We do not receive any keys to the properties and do not have access to the interior of the houses for sale. No arrangements can be made for an internal inspection of the properties before the sale by you, or after the sale by the bank or mortgage company. You are urged to view the property from the outside the best you can. The county Auditor’s office can provide a printout on the property with property details. You are urged to consult with an attorney.

How do the sales work?
Liens are “marshaled” (placed in order and paid in order) and paid from the sale proceeds. A “deficiency judgement” is granted to the Plaintiff (lien holder) against the Defendant (homeowner) if enough money is not generated at the sale. The liens are the canceled. Information on liens can be found by contacting the Huron County Clerk of Courts office and the Huron County Treasurer’s Office. You are urged to check out liens on the property and check with an attorney if you have questions.

Will I have to pay any more money?
Property sold at public auction may be subject to liens that may not be extinguished by the sale. The purchaser shall be responsible for costs, allowances and taxes that the proceeds from the sale are insufficient to cover. Purchasers of any such real property are urged to contact the attorney listed in each case and to search the indexes kept by the county recorder, clerk and treasurer to determine if any liens exist.

5. What if someone is living in the house?
Once the deed has been recorded in the new owner’s name, they can take possession of the property. If someone is living on the property and will not vacate, a Writ of Possession can be filed with the Huron County Clerk of Courts. The Huron County Sheriff’s Office will serve the paper to the property with a voluntary vacate date. Most people are cooperative and remove themselves from the premises.

6. When do we get the keys to the property?
We DO NOT receive keys for the property. Once the deed has been recorded in the new owner’s name, they can enter the property. You may need to get a locksmith to enter the house. It is highly suggested that you change all the locks. If the prior owners have not left the property, see question 5. You may want to consult with an attorney for any other problems.

There are large amounts of money involved with foreclosure sales. Sales are buyer beware. You are responsible for checking out the property the best you can and judge for yourself if it is suitable for the purpose you intend. Consult with an attorney if you are in doubt.

PLEASE NOTE: The information contained in this section is not intended to constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. The Huron County Sheriff’s Office is not an attorney and therefore cannot give legal advice. This is just general information, and some information may not be applicable in specific situations. If you have questions regarding a specific situation, you are urged to contact your own attorney.

Click Here for more information about the Sheriff’s Sale.