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Huron County Sheriff’s Office – Civil Office

The Civil Office is the financial hub of the Sheriff’s Office, being responsible for all money coming into the office both from paper processing fees and Sheriff’s sales. The Civil Office responsibilities are varied and include:

  • Payroll
  • Personnel Files
  • Records Requests: The civil office is where you can obtain a copy of a police report or accident report.
  • Court Documents. The Civil Office processes Court and other related documents, such as subpoenas, summons, executions and many other types of court documents. Mailing out of Grand Jury and Petit Jury Venires are also the Civil Office responsibility. The Civil Office also handles correspondence, summaries, ordering supplies and mail distribution.
  • Property Executions, Sheriff Sales, and Personal. The Civil Office responds to phone questions regarding property being offered, prepares newspaper advertisements, processes deeds for property sold and distributes proceeds from sales in accordance with Court Orders. 
  • Bookkeeping. Prepares pay-in to the General Fund, reconciles cashbook, checkbook and bank statements.

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